Bridging Lupus Fund

LogoIn 2011, prompted by one of the fellows then in-training, Dr. Geraldine Zamora-Racaza, The Bridging Lupus Fund was established by the Section. The Fund provides funds, albeit “limited”, for lupus patients admitted to the Philippine General Hospital as start-up support for much needed medications or laboratory examinations. The Fund was started with the help of Silver Lens  ARTFLOOD_INVITE a known and respected art gallery in Makati, through the links provided by Dr. Paulo Lorenzo, a faculty of the Section and his sister, an alumni of the UP College of Medicine. Likewise, Dr. Michael Tee worked for the Funds from the Don Henrico’s Fun Run on subsequent years.

To date, Silver Lens have turned over donations to the Fund for 2 years and these were channeled to patients,  with report submitted to Silver Lens in 2012. At least 50 or so lupus patients were beneficiaries to the fund for ANA tests, CT scans, first 3 doses of antibiotics and MPPT or methylprednisolone pulse therapy, and the like.

The Fund stays with the Sagip-Buhay Medicial Foundation of the Department of Medicine Sagip-BLF, PGH, which likewise, provides funds for the poorest of the poor of the country. Any comments and questions regarding this resource is most welcome. Do call +632 – 5261722 or post your comments in this site.

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