Training Program

Fellowship Training Program


1. Completed 3 years of Internal Medicine Training in a PCP Accredited Hospital

2. PSBIM Board Passer

3. Signed application form (Get forms from the Office of the Director for Health Operations at UP-PGH; accomplish forms in duplicate); Contact ODDHO: (02)-5548400 local 2208

4. Taken the Fellowship Entrance Exam at the Department of Medicine, UP-PGH; Contact the Department of Medicine Chief Resident at (02)5548400 local 2206

5. Required documents:
a. 2 pcs 2″x2″ pictures (not more than 1 year)
b. Certification of class rank and general weighted average (GWA)from the Office of the Dean/Registrar (original or certified true copy)
c. Photocopy of the following: (1 pc each)
_ Transcript of records
_ MD Diploma
_ Certificate of Internship
_ Certificate of Residency
_ Community Tax Certificate (cedula)


The Fellowship Program

2 year Clinical Fellowship
1 year (optional) Research Fellowship




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