Manuel B. Agulto, MD
University of the Philippines – Manila

Congratulations and welcome to the participants of the 11th Dr. Lourdes A. Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology being spearheaded by the PGH Department of Medicine Section of Rheumatology

In behalf of the organizers, I thank the consultants of the department and other lecturers who will discuss the theme “Lupus: The Dilemma Within.”

There is a growing perception that systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is more common and more severe among Asians, including Filipinos. However, there is no sufficient data to verify this impression. It is still important though to heighten public and private sector awareness of this illness and define and address the burden of lupus among Filipinos in order to prevent, properly diagnose, and successfully treat it.

Lupus has been called the great imitator for its symptoms are commonly mistaken for other diseases. In a study coordinated in 2012, Spandan Chakrabati found that nine out of ten individuals diagnosed with lupus were women, usually between the ages 18 and 45. But lupus may also affect men, children, as well as people of ages.

The findings reinforce the need to establish and maintain SLE databases to enhance awareness, early diagnosis, and more efficient management of the disease. This forum is a good opportunity to provide a deeper understanding of the nature and magnitude of the disease as it affects Filipinos and the appropriate interventions.





Jose C. Gonzales, MD
Philippine General Hospital

Congratulations to the Section of Rheumatology for the 11th Dr. Lourdes Manahan lecture in rheumatology. The history of the section is rife with the biggest names in the field of Rheumatology in the country, Dr. Lourdes Manahan being one of them.

I am happy to see that the section and consultant staff have undauntedly been filling the big shoes they have inherited. By perpetuating the Lourdes Manahan lectures you reiterate your commitment to continuing the legacy of your stalwarts – your founding fathers.

Again, congratulations and Mabuhay!


Agnes D. Mejia
Dean, College of Medicine
University of the Philippines

Once again, I would like to congratulate the Section of Rheumatology of the UP-Philippine General Hospital on the occasion of your 11th Dr. Lourdes Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology. This annual activity truly highlights the significant role of rheumatology in the filed of medicine and at the same time, it continues to honor one of the pillars in Philippine Medicine, Dr. Lourdes Manahan. It is always with pride that the UP College of Medicine participates in this yearly activity.

I am sure that your topic for this year, “Lupus: The Dilemma Within,” will once again provide updated information and interesting insights on this rheumatologic condition, ably delivered by our consultant staff from the Sections of Rheumatology and Dermatology.





RGS photo 2012

Rody G. Sy, MD
Chair, Department of Medicine
Philippine General Hospital

Dr. Lourdes Manahan’s pioneering efforts pushed the growth and progress of Philippine Rheumatology, spearheading the formation of Philippine Rheumatism Association which later became the Philippine Rheumatology Association. During her time, she would bring world-renowned rheumatologists to give lectures and talks to residents and medical students. It is only fitting that the lecture series organized by the Section of Rheumatology be named after a superb clinician and humble pioneer of the field.

On the 11th year of the Dr. Lourdes Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology, I congratulate the section for providing the fellows, residents and medical students, a regular venue to learn new developments and technologies in this field. Dr. Manahan will truly be proud of what our present day rheumatologists are doing to improve the quality of our training.

The Dr. Lourdes Manahan Lecture Series is an exemplary commitment of the section to help shape Philippine rheumatology and humble service to the trainees in the field.




Ester G. Penserga, MD
Head, Section of Rheumatology
Department of Medicine
Philippine General Hospital

The 11th Dr. Lourdes Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology (LMLR) is a milestone and harbinger of the 2nd decade of the LMLR. This year, the Section of Rheumatology has instituted changes for our students and audience of this age through the internet –, the website of the Section. The lectures of this year’s LMLR will be carried in the site and can therefore be accessed repeatedly and likewise, shared.

In this token, we continue to innovate as we pursue the goal of bringing Rheumatology to the students, trainees and clinicians, thereby generating interest and understanding of the rheumatic diseases. This way, we continue the legacy of Dr. Lourdes A. Manahan.

Penserga Signature

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