Carmencita David Padilla, MD, MAHPS
University of the Philippines – Manila


My warmest greetings to the UP-PGH Depatment of Medicine Section of Rheumatology and the participants of the 12th Dr. Lourdes Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology.

I commend the organizers for a relevant theme this year, “Sports, Lifestyle and Arthritis in the Young”, will deliver a mix of topics on clinical updates of selected rheumatologic diseases.

Arthritis is one of many paralyzing disorders in the country, which commonly affects individuals of advance age.  However, it is equally crucial to understand that this disease that does not leave out of account the young ones.  Many young Filipinos live with this kind of condition, and their diseases has affected their quality of life in one way or another.

Thus, this assembly will provide a profound understanding of the characterisitics of the disease, the value of early diagnosis and treatment, and the efficient way of managing it.  Moreover, this is a good venue to better realize the urgent importance of doing sports and leading a healthy lifestyle among the young people suffering from arthritis.

As members of the National Health University, we should be in the vanguard of acquiring new insights, translating knowledge, and intensifying public awareness to improve the health of the Filipinos.






Jose C. Gonzales, MD
Philippine General Hospital


To the Department of Medicine, Section of Rheumatology, my sincerest salutations on your 12th Dr. Lourdes Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology.

This year’s topic: Sports, Lifestyle and Arthritis in the Young, is certainly timely given the surge of enthusiasm in long distance running, triathlon and other sports.  I am sure your activity will generate much interest and numerous participants and attendees.

As with many of our stalwarts in the UP College of Medicine,  Dr. Lourdes Manahan embodied the kind of academic excellence that is distinctively UP.  I have no doubt that this excellence flows over into each and every annual Lourdes Manahan lecture that you conduct.  It is my fervent wish that, despite the difficulty in logistics, difficulties with which we struggle through, you do not stray from the course of providing excellent continuing medical education.

Rest assured that my administration will continue to strongly support you in endeavors such as this.

Congratulations and more power to you!



Agnes D. Mejia
Dean, College of Medicine
University of the Philippines


The Dr. Lourdes Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology is a much anticipated annual event not only for rheumatologists but for all medical practitioners interested in the field.  The faculty of the UP-PGH Section of Rheumatology continues to provide relevant and interesting topics for this lecture series.  It is also important that this activity honors one of the pillars in Philippine Medicine, Dr. Lourdes Manahan whose accomplishments are worthy of emulation.

Your theme for this year, ” Sports, Lifestyle and Arthritis in the Young” is another innovative idea at highlighting another aspect in your field.  By coming up with such topics and raising awareness on common but rarely discussed conditions, learning rheumatology becomes interesting, fun, and up-to-date.

Again, on behalf of the UPCM community, I would like to congratulate the Section of Rheumatology for this endeavor.




RGS photo 2012

Rody G. Sy, MD, FPCP
Chair, Department of Medicine
Philippine General Hospital


Congratulations to the Section of Rheumatology for the 12th Dr. Lourdes Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology!

For 12 years now, the Section continues to kindle the fire that Dr. Lourdes Manahan had ignited. The LMLR constantly provides an avenue where students, general practitioners, internists and specialists can keep themselves abreast with the latest developments and pertinent issues in the practice of Rheumatology. This year’s topics, “Sports, Lifestyle and the Arthritis in the Young”, hope to provide wider perspectives on less commonly discussed topics in the subspecialty.

Again, congratulations and many thanks to the Section of Rheumatology for espousing the thrust of the Department to uphold the values of excellence and relevance in the practice of Internal Medicine!




Ester G. Penserga, MD
Head, Section of Rheumatology
Department of Medicine
Philippine General Hospital


Welcome to the 12th Dr. Lourdes Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology (LMLR)! This year, the theme highlights musculoskeletal conditions related to aging, metabolic disorders in a continuum with exercise and sports. The latter topics specifically  deal with questions the young and fit among us may have.

The LMLR has likewise, adjusted to the developments of the times. We have gone paperless, the interactive format is increasingly utilized and online links are provided.

We are indebted to the UP College of Medicine, UP Manila  and the students and training programs for their support and presence. Our friends from industry has likewise, continued in their confidence in this educational program. May we all gainfully learn from this year’s symposium.

Penserga Signature

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