Butterfly Warriors


The longest-running community-based student organization of the UP College of Medicine, UP Pangkalusugang Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral, Pagsama, has produced and continues to hone medical students to be collectivist dreamers, passionate leaders and committed social responders for genuine sustainable progress in the Filipino community.

Aside from being outstanding medical students and certified healers of their craft, Pagsama’s proud members and alumni contributed immensely as fearless leaders and creative promoters of the community as a patient and as a partner, among their peers, classes and health allies. As a community for the community, Pagsama offers its members, the premier medical school, the health sciences university and even the national medical community, various opportunities to be socially conscious of the timely national matters affecting the people we serve. Being the front-line actors in nation-building and empowerment to patient strongholds, rural community-based health programs, and a dedicated partner community, Pagsama recognizes and utilizes different perspectives and methods to transform lives and advance development.

Medisings is an annual singing competition among the classes of the UP College of Medicine that is not only an avenue for medical students to express themselves but is also a chance to serve a notable advocacy. In 2012, In celebration of women’s month, PAGSAMA partnered with the UP PGH Lupus club. The competition generated funds for the partner community and their Christmas party. An exhibit containing pictures of the UP PGH lupus club members and information regarding their condition was also placed within the campus, as a campaigns were conducted through various media forms to promote awareness and disseminate information about SLE.

Kimberly Anne G. Ednalino

University of the Philippines-Manila

Intarmed Batch 2019

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